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I've browsed your website, now what?

Now that you have looked through our inventory and have an idea of what you would like, fill out the contact page and we will make sure the inventory is available. Once we do, we will send over a contract for you to review and sign. We require a  non refundable 50% deposit to hold your items and date. Final payment is due 30 days from event date. You may make adjustments to your contract before your final payment is due.

Can I come in and look around?

We do not have any onsite visits at this time.

What fees can I expect?

Great question!

We have just a few to expect on your contract.

 Damage waiver fee: This is an industry standard fee (we charge 6%) that covers normal wear and tear of items rented or a small quantity of breakage of tableware. A few plates may get chipped or left behind. The damage waiver covers this. 

The Damage Waiver does not cover the repair or replacement costs of items that are misused, mishandled, or otherwise abused (example: a chair breaks when being used as a ladder, wine is spilled on a sofa or items are left outside overnight or in the rain).

Delivery/Pick up. This fee starts at $125 and increases based on quantity of items rented, distance driven and if there is a same night pick up.

Furniture placement fee: We will put your items generally in the spot you need them to be. We will not set them up and style them, we will not move them to multiple locations on the property, we will not set out your ceremony chairs in the appropriate rows, and we will not set your tables unless you choose to add set up to your contract.

Taxes: NC has a 7% tax on all services.

Can I pick my items up instead of delivery?

We only offer delivery at this time.

Do you have a minimum order?

We do actually! Our base order minimum is $150 before delivery. If you are requiring more than a 15 mile delivery our rental minimum is $350 more than 30 miles we have $500 minimum before delivery.

From January-March we are more lenient as this is our slow time.

Cleaning and Care:

All flatware, Silver, Utensils, etc., should be scraped and rinsed, food free and put back in the same containers as delivered in. We are not responsible for walking the venue, collecting these items upon pick up. All items rented must be repackaged as they were rented. I.E. Plates rinsed and placed back in crates, drink ware emptied and put back in crate, flatware rinsed and put back in bin. Please make sure your personal items do not get mixed up with our items.

Tables and chairs should be ready for pick up and left under cover.


Furniture and Rugs may not be left out over night. Rugs may not be placed on wet ground without a tarp underneath. If we return for pick up and find furniture left in the elements there will be an additional damage charge.

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